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Good design is more than just a logo, image or business card that looks good. Good design is creating something that works. Not just a logo on a web site, but a logo on business cards, letterhead, corrugated boxes, billboards and the doors of every truck in your fleet. If you are going to create something, create something that works on all levels of your business. If a designer cannot either design, or repair your files to work for all your needs, then you are wasting your time. Why take your brand new letterhead to the print shop, and then pay another fee just to get it formatted to work with their printers?

S+S Design does it all, from initial concepts to proofs to finished files we will work to ensure that you have what you need. This includes free pre-press set up for your first print order and file formatting services for life. We want you to look good, no matter how long ago we created your design. If you look bad, then so do we. So if you are tired of designers that dump a bunch of files on you and disappear, let S+S Design show you how it should be done.


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