Metal Design

Metal Design Services

While a designer in many mediums, metal is Christina's passion. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts majoring in
Metalsmithing and Jewelery and a full working studio dedicated to metal design. We specialize in designing one of a kind
and unique peices of wearable art in both fine and ferrious metals. So if you are looking for your standard run of the mill
wedding bands and engagement rings, then our metal design services are probably not for you. However, if you want
a design that is a one of a kind, hand made peice, then we will gladly work to bring you a concept tailored specificly to you!

As always, our same comittment to customer satisfaction applies to our metal design service. We will work with you to
provide inital sketches and proof rendings, through to finishing, certifying and shipping of the finished piece.
In choosing to let us design your next jewelery, award or other artwork, you will be choosing to purchase a singular
piece of design unique to you, and your style.


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