General Pricing

Because of the individualized nature of custom printing and promotions, as well as one of a kind artwork, we do not list pricing for all of our services. However, before any work is started, S+S Design will provide you with a comprehensive and complete quote. What you see is what you will pay. All orders are priced upfront, and before work is started, we ask for a 50% deposit. This is fully refundable should you cancel before work starts, and if canceled after work has begun, we will refund it minus any costs incurred.


In following with the standards of the industry, advertising specialty items are priced on a per item basis, with a discount on volume. The fee for setup is $40, and this includes any plates and setup that are needed to produce the order.

Graphic Design and Logo Services

Graphic design orders are priced on a per job basis, not hourly time. This pricing includes up to 15 changes for new designs, and 5 for logo updates. This structure allows for up front pricing and no surprises, as there can be with hourly based charges. If the work turns out to be more complicated than the alloted changes, additional changes can be purchased at the rate of $25 per 5 extra changes.

Metal Design

Metalsmithing is an art-form, and as such all pricing is based on a proposal and approval system. The first step in this process is a consultation to decide what materials and techniques are required to complete the process, and a rough estimate is provided for price. Then a detailed, full size rendering is produced. The price for the initial rendering is $50, and, should it be required, additional renderings are $25. Once the rendering is approved and signed, a comprehensive quote is provided that will include all labor and material costs. It is at this point that the 50% deposit will be collected before any more work is completed. This way, if the job changes from platinum to sterling silver, you are not stuck paying upfront and waiting for a refund.

Charities & Non-Profits

We believe life is not just what you create, but what you give back to your community. As such, at S+S Design we are always excited to work with charities to help them get the word out about their cause. So by all means, contact us and tell us about what you do and what you need to do it. We would love to hear from you and will work up a price just for you.


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